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May Update

Greetings from Bangui on a nice and cool Sunday morning! The last week and a half has been miserably hot here so when a rainstorm blew in yesterday it was a very welcome relief from the heat. This morning I woke up to 77-degree weather instead of it being in the 90’s! Needless to say, I am very happy with the weather change.

As I told you in my last update, I will begin introducing you to the people that I work with on a daily basis. Pictured above are Ann, Jonathan, and Rosalie. Ann and Rosalie work in the guesthouse and Jonathan works in my home three days a week. They are all a joy to work with! Some of you may remember that before I was evacuated from Bangui and went to work in Chad I had a lady by the name of Irma working in my home. While I was working in Chad I helped Irma get a job working for another missionary family who she continues to work for now. As much as I would have liked to have her back, I didn’t feel right about taking her from this other family that gave her work when I was not able to. God is faithful and he provided me with Jonathan, who has worked for other missionaries for a long time.

Ann and Rosalie keep the guesthouse clean, beds made, laundry washed, dried and iron. They are great cooks and cook for our teams and visitors. Jonathan keeps my home cleaned, laundry done, and is also a great cook. Here in Africa it takes twice as long to do anything, so without the help of these three I wouldn’t get much done in a day but just living. As the Lord brings them to mind please pray for the following requests they have.

Ann’s husband has a drinking problem so please pray that God will work in his heart and her husband would stop drinking and would change some other very bad habits that he has gotten into.

Rosalie hasn’t been able to have any children yet and that is very hard on women in this culture. Please pray for her as she works through this.

Jonathan is a deacon in a small Grace Brethren Church here in Bangui that currently doesn’t have a pastor so he is often called upon to preach on Sunday morning. Pray that God would speak through him and give him wisdom in all that he does.

My mom continues to do really well after her surgery.

French classes have started up and so far they have gone well. French is not an easy language to learn so please pray for perseverance. Teaching English continues to open up wide doors to share about Jesus and to encourage highly educated men and women in their walk. As far as teams and visitors go, we just had Mike Taylor (our Regional Director of Africa) and Frank Puhl (our Assistant Regional Director of Africa) here for a very short but very good visit. Our next team will arrive the beginning of June and this team has people from Ivory Coast, France and the States who are coming to do a writers’ workshop. I’m also looking forward to having Diana Davis, a missionary colleague of mine who I lived and worked with in Chad, join our team here in Bangui in June to help us out while Janet Varner is on home ministry.

Life is busy but I can’t imagine doing anything else! Thanks for partnering with me and making it possible for me to minister here in Bangui, Central African Republic.


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