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October Update


Here I am with Rosalie, Ann and Jonathan.  Rosalie and Ann work in the Guest House and Jonathan worked in my home.  These three made my job in Bangui much easier.  Jonathan now cooks for the French military.

I had a wonderful time in Bangui!  I got to see a lot of people and gave away the rest of my stuff that was in storage. We also got all of the Hand in Hand school supplies organized thanks to Brenda Artrip who continued to work every time I left to visit with another friend that stopped by.  I gave away a ton of ties, jewelry, bandanas and Uno cards.  It was wonderful to see everyone again and I enjoyed worshiping at the Kassai GBC, which was the church I attended when I lived in Bangui full time.  I enjoyed hosting a pizza party for nine missionaries, being invited out to two African homes where I had some very good African food, seeing the Three Strands Clinic and driving out to our seminary where my friend and colleague Janet Varner is buried.  Her presence in Bangui is missed.  My mom also did well while I was gone thanks to your prayers.  If you would like to see my pictures from Bangui go to Facebook and check out the album called Africa Trip 2016 or click on the link below if you are not on Facebook.

Continue to pray for the people in the Central African Republic as they heal and move on.

When I returned to work, 34 referrals had come in while I was gone but only 10 of them were completed.  I started the week off with 24 referrals and then had another 38 come in.  At one point I had 44 referrals waiting to be done!  After working two weeks plus 12 hours of overtime I have finally gotten caught up from being gone on vacation.  Thankfully, when I left on Friday I had completed all of the referrals and had time to go back and check on some old ones.  I also had eight FMLA’s (Family Medical Leave Act) that came in last week and sometimes I don’t have eight of them in a month.  Will this change my plans to go again next year?  No way!  In fact, I’m already working on my possible next trip that may be as soon as June 2017.

I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom as I balance things at work.

Starting in January of 2017 I will go back to school at IUPUI and will begin taking classes online towards a Certificate in Medical Coding.  I’m thankful for a scholarship (Child of Disabled Veteran) that will pay my tuition.  The only drawback is that I have to take Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology again since it has been over ten years since I first took them.  It won’t kill me to take the classes again but it will slow down the process.  At this point by taking one class a semester I should finish in December of 2020.

I would appreciate your prayers as I head back to school.

Autumn is my favorite season so I am enjoying the changing leaves and cooler weather.  I pray you will also enjoy this time of the year.