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August Update

Three Strands Team (2) - Copy

Hello everyone!

June 6-13, I had a great trip to Bangui with the Three Strands Medical Team.  The picture above is of our team, minus Taylor Cone, who was already in Bangui.  We had a great week working alongside the workers at the Three Strands Clinic.  My role was to help with translating when we prayed with people who were seeking medical care and when the medical students needed to explain something to a patient.  All the students had the chance to give shots, start IV’s, help examine patients, package medication, and play with LOTS of kids.  Overall, it was a great experience for the students.  In addition, I saw many co-workers and friends while I was in town.  Coming back to the states, jet lag hit me hard and it was more than a week before I felt like my head had rejoined my body.

Thanks to your prayers, we had smooth flights and all our luggage arrived with us!

My mom did well while I was gone but in the last couple of weeks, she has been having more back pain again.  We recently found a massage therapist who works with people who have chronic pain.  He makes house calls, which is much easier for my mom.  It’s hard to see her in pain and so uncomfortable.

Join me in praying that the treatment from the massage therapist will help my mom’s back pain.

I learned last week that IUPUI would accept my credits from the Anatomy and Physiology course I took at Grace College, so I don’t have to repeat the course!  That saved me a year of classes which means this Fall I will be able to start with the coding classes.  This is all towards my goal of completing the Certificate in Medical Coding.

Pray that as I start my class back up that I will manage my time well. 

As with many of you, life picks up speed in the fall.  Bible Study Fellowship will start again the week after Labor Day and we will be studying Romans.  My small group from church also meets every other Sunday night and this year we will be studying Dr. David Jeremiah’s book, “Is This the End?”

Don’t forget to let me know how I can be praying for you!