November 2018

A lot has happened since I last sent out an update in August of 2017. I have written this update in my head several times but never sat down at the computer to get it typed up, so here it goes.

In September of 2017 I was going to start the coding class at IUPUI but after looking it over and with my mom needing extra care I decided not to take that on.

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In December I took the plunge and bought a house! It is a two bedroom, two bathroom, two car garage, 1200 square foot house located in the same zip code that my mom’s house was. It is a patio home so the yard and snow is taken care of by the home owners association which makes my life easier. I also have a pond in the back yard. Mom and I moved in on December 23, and in January 2018 we put her house on the market.

In January of 2018 I also made the move to attend Greenwood Christian Church on Sundays and stopped attending Christ Our Shepherd Church of the Brethren. I still stay in contact with the church and enjoy fellow shipping with them when I can.
One of the most difficult things of the past year was the death of my mom in March 2018. She was in a car accident on March 8, 2018, and passed away the next day due to complications from the accident. My mom had been in failing health over the last several years, and I know she is much better off in heaven, so I don’t wish her back, but I sure miss her. On April 7 we had a Celebration of Life service for my mom and I was blessed by the many people who came. It was wonderful to have my best friend, Karen, fly in from Oregon and spend the week with me. I would appreciate your prayers as I’m still in the process of settling my mom’s estate (I was able to complete the selling of her house.) adjusting to life without her or what Grief Share calls my “new normal.”

The car that I bought when I first returned to the states from Africa (5 years ago) started leaking antifreeze and needed to be replaced so I started the process of looking for a different car. I was able to buy a car from a friend at my mom’s church.. The car, a 2003 Toyota Camry, was in great shape and had 86,000 miles on it. I was thankful that I could pay cash for it.

Then in July, IU Transplant sent me an email letting me know they had some openings for CMA (Certified Medical Assistants) and asked if I would be interested. In my current position I refer our patients to them so they knew I was a CMA with the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants). I said I would be interested and interviewed, filled out the application, took a test, went and shadowed for the day and was offered a full time position as their very first CMA to work with pre-transplant patients! I’m very excited about this job change and started on October 22nd.

It probably won’t surprise you that I’ve found a lot of opportunities to serve locally, among them:
• I’ve taken on a leadership role with BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and I’m one of the new Assistant Children’s Directors which means I now do my training on Saturday mornings in order to serve on Monday night.
• I’ve been working with Tear Down the Walls ministry at my church helping to cook food to serve to the homeless community in downtown Indianapolis every other Saturday. Going back into the camps to hand out the food reminds me of my time in Africa walking on the paths into the villages.
• I continue to work with several Central African families that are refugees here in Indianapolis which also helps me practice my Sango. I plan to make a trip out to Africa next year if I can save up enough time off to make the two week trip.
• I continue to be active with the Great Banquet Community and just served as Spiritual Director during the last ladies banquet and have been asked to serve on the next one.
• I love attending and serving at Greenwood Christian Church and continue to oversee the Help Care team that provides meals for people after they have surgery or have been in the hospital, and also serve on the GLO (Global Local Outreach) team. I also recently took on the administrative role for the Singles Ministry and attend a small group.
• I continue to serve as the secretary for the district meetings for the AAMA and recently was asked to be the Chaplain for our state meetings where I also serve as the district representative.

Life is never boring! I love my new home, have found some great buys at yard sales over the summer and I continue to make it more my own.

Thank you for making it through this long update! Please email me and let me know how I can be praying for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!